Same Great Service at a New Lower Rate!

Here at Cash in a Flash we know every dollar counts.  That’s why to better serve you, our customers, we’re charging you LESS!

At any Cash in a Flash Pawn all new loans of $300 or more will be charged our new 10% interest rate.

Are you an existing customer?  Do you hate when businesses offer special deals or rates to new customers while neglecting their existing loyal customers?


Our new rates apply to ALL of our customers. 

Nothing to sign up for and no new paper work

To our existing customers who now qualify; Congratulations your interest payments have been CUT IN HALF!


Not only are we reducing our interest rates, we are now offering prorated interest after your first 30 days!

What’s that mean?  Simply put; after your first payment all interest will be charged at a daily rate.

That’s right……  After your first month you only pay for how long you’ve had the loan!

Need a loan for 35, 40, 53, or some other odd number of days?

Unlike most shops we’ll only charge you for the time your loan is active. 


Stop paying for time you don’t need!