How the Buy Works

At Cash In A Flash, we buy almost anything of value and stock almost everything. Our goal is to develop and retain a happy and loyal clientele by offering very competitive and fair prices for your merchandise.  We would rather make less on each item and attract repeat business than try to make all the profit on each transaction. Our happy return customer base is the formula for our success. You can be assured that each customer is treated with the honesty, courtesy and  respect that they should expect.

All items purchased by Cash In A Flash are tested and inspected to assure that anything we sell is in perfect working condition. Jewelry is inspected by professionals with years of experience in order to determine the value and authenticity of every piece we buy and sell.


• Gold and diamond jewelry, including men’s and ladies’ bracelets and chains, as well as name-brand watches, even gold coins

• Tools and equipment

• Electronics

• Cameras

• Musical instruments

• Game systems, video games and DVDs

• Firearms and more