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If you are new to pawning, and don’t quite understand how it works, think of it as the world’s first form of banking. If you’re looking for a convenient hassle-free way of getting quick cash, you can’t beat the services of our pawn shops. You merely bring in an item of value. Our knowledgeable staff will use all the research tools and experience at our disposal to determine the item’s value and get you the most money possible. You can receive a cash loan based on the item’s current value or sell your item outright. To receive a loan in exchange for your item, you will simply sign a 30-day contract with us and your item will be held as collateral. At the end of the term, you can repay the loan and get your item back, or choose to extend your loan by paying the monthly service charge. You may renew the loan as often as you like or pay down the loan at your convenience. We keep your collateral in a safe, secure location while it is in our possession. Alternatively, you can sell your items to us outright if you no longer have a use for it. The entire process takes only minutes.

We say yes to your loan, even if a bank turns you down. We offer cash loans on anything of value, and because your loan is based off the value of the collateral, we do not need to perform a credit check. It is the fastest, most convenient way to get quick cash when those unforeseen emergencies arise.

To our buyers looking for great deals on merchandise, we offer a wide selection of items, including gold and diamond jewelry, watches, tools, electronics, cameras/camcorders, game systems/games, DVDs, musical instruments, firearms, and more. Please visit any of our stores to browse items in our inventory. You may also choose to check out our online eBay store from the comfort of your own home, which allows you to see many items we have for auction across all five of our Denver Metro Area locations (Aurora, Southeast Denver, Littleton, Lakewood, South Lakewood).

Cash In a Flash Pawn takes pride in offering quick, friendly customer service during your transaction. Visit any of our five Denver Metro locations. We strive to make your pawning or shopping experience enjoyable and unique in all of our modern retail facilities.